Bahan Excavating now offers septic solutions, inspection, maintenance, and installation. We proudly serve Hardin, Union, Marion, and Logan Counties, and we have the equipment to get the job done right.

  • Septic tanks need a periodic deep cleaning to ensure proper functionality and to assure they are free of sludge, grease, and debris that could cause blockages and other problems. Septic tank cleaning involves cleaning the components, and maintaining your septic tank is vital for prolonging the life of your septic tank.

  • We are proud to offer fast, reliable repair services. Issues with septic systems can be costly and dangerous if left unattended. Basic repairs include restoring broken pipes, replacing pumps, and fixing tank aerators.

  • Septic tank installation options include anaerobic, aerobic, mound, drip systems, and chambered systems. These systems vary in price. Septic installation cost depends on the type of system, material, and size.

Bahan Excavating provides exceptional service to help residents keep their septic system in optimal condition. We’ll ensure your system effectively transports and eliminates waste from your home or building.

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Septic installation process:

– Determine location of system

– Prepare and design your system

– Provide necessary permits and approvals

– Excavation

– Install plumbing and drainage

– Backfill septic

– Removal of prior septic system if necessary